‘There is nowhere else in the independent sector offering training of this sincerity and depth.’
Independent Schools Association Review

The education that we support needs special teachers. So a high priority for the trustees is the training and development of teachers. Leading this work are Paul and Penny Moss, former head teacher and teacher, respectively, at St James Junior School, London.

Our chief approach to training and development of teachers is the ERT-sponsored International Teachers Conference. This takes place every year in the Villa Boccella near Lucca in Italy. 2015 saw the fifth of these conferences, attended by 60+ teachers from eight countries. The theme of this conference was ‘Study to be Quiet’. A short film of the event beautifully conveys the essence of it. For a full account, see Carey Dickinson’s article in the ISA Review.

To read about the seventh International Teachers Conference, held in July 2017, see the September 2017 ERT newsletter here. To see the Youtube film from this year’s conference, of Tom Bree’s engaging demonstration of the Pentagram Dance of Earth and Venus – click here.

To read about the eighth International Teachers Conference held in July 2018, see the November ERT newsletter here.

The 2022 International Teachers Conference will run from 9 – 16 July.

Paul and Penny Moss regularly visit our family of schools abroad, to run courses, mentor teachers, offer advice to governors and meet parents. Occasionally, we bring teachers to London to visit the St James Junior School and experience the ethos first-hand.

Also, from the beginning of the ERT, we have been sponsoring teacher exchanges between the family of schools that we support. And we’ve sponsored well over 50 gap-year students to volunteer at these schools around the world. Some of these gap-year students have gone on to become career teachers.